Accelya is a leading global provider of information and technology products and services to the travel and transport industry (+400 Customers, +40yrs and +2.800 Staff) and we play a major role in business processing outsourcing for numerous companies worldwide.       

Particularly for travel management companies, our products focus on providing insights that travel agents need to increase their sales and strengthen their business relationships. Collectively, our services lead to enhanced agency channel management, leading to a win-win situation for both partner agents and airlines.       

Here are some examples of the products that deliver enhanced channel management:

eTAMIS is deployed to optimize sales to achieve your incentives, negotiate smarter deals with airline suppliers, access a complete view of your sales data and improve your network's sales performance.

Net Remit 5 is deployed to incentivize and reward agents instantly and without error, create unique and specialized deals, simplify work for agents and Lower your operational costs. 

IncentivePro is deployed to pay out and track your incentives with 100% accuracy, automate the management of your incentives, get complete visibility into agent performance and save on operational costs and maximize productivity.    

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