What Is BTA Cares?  

The BTA Cares programme will throw its arms around business travel professionals when they need it the most. As we navigate a sustainable way out of the Covid-19 crisis, this initiative is the first step towards building a stronger community and extending a helping hand.

BTA Cares will help upskill, market and retrain members of the business travel community to create employees who are attractive to both the travel industry and wider sectors. It will give employers a key place to point those who have been made redundant for practical and informative advice, and to help those former employees to seek new roles. 

It will be an ongoing and constantly updated scheme, offering a schedule of activities including: webinars, master classes and social events whilst including bespoke advice and coaching sessions from top industry leaders to strengthen CV and job search techniques, along with mental health sessions, accessible yoga and informal discussion groups to stay connected.


In addition to BTA’s programme of webinars, interviews and informal discussion groups, many senior people from our Members & Partners have volunteered to help with questions & concerns colleagues under consultation may have during these difficult times along with advice on how you can improve your chances of finding alternative employment.

All questions will be treated in the strictest confidence, with requests sent anonymously to our panel of industry leaders and replies sent back via BTA ensuring privacy is maintained. 

Click here to view BTA's Care Mentors.

Please contact help@thebta.org.uk with any queries / requests for advice you may have.