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My Redundancy & Consultation Process
4th August 2020
My Redundancy & Consultation Process - The Multiple Mistakes I Made and What I Learnt

Hear from BTA Board Member Pat McDonagh who will tell his story around redundancy and consultation processes (as a victim of it), the multiple mistakes he made, the learnings he took from them and the importance of having the right mindset to meet the challenges he faced. 

Dr Lucy Rattrie, psychologist and university lecturer will be join Pat to provide the analysis, look at his behaviours and mindset at various stages of the process and how you can best approach it yourself. 

In Pat’s own words “It’s kind of hard to articulate but I was in a job I loved, working with people I loved and admired and never thought I would leave. That was me, happy where I was and building a career. When that came tumbling down, through no fault of my own, I thought it was the end of the world and struggled to accept it and move on. Sorting my head out was the single most important factor in getting back on track but it requires flexibility, perseverance, self-confidence (when you may be at an all-time low), the support and tough love of people around you and a bit of luck”.

Join Pat and Lucy to help understand how people who find themselves either facing or in an unfamiliar position adapt to an unexpected change and challenge? 


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