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26TH MARCH 2021

Self-Care Guide for HR Professionals

Shared by Nina Goel which has some great advice and tips to help you identify your self-care needs, create a personalized action plan, and learn how to prioritise and engage in self-care.

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Selling Yourself In Today's Job Market

Lynne Griffiths and Fiona MacKenzie from Sirius joined us once again to offer advice on transferable skills and how to market yourself.  They offered help on how you to write a “de-travelled” skills-based CV and shared their advice on what questions you might expect to be asked at an interview and which questions you can ask to stand out.

Click here to view the presentation

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Making the best of your LinkedIn profile

It is probably more important than ever for you to have a stellar LinkedIn profile with skills and accomplishments that represent you, what you stand for and what you are passionate about. We were delighted to be joined once again by Wayne Hope of the New Hope Career Academy for an interactive session focusing on improving your LinkedIn Profile.  Wayne offered advice on setting up your profile to get noticed by hiring managers and recruiters and how you use the platform effectively, he also advised on how to build and maintain your online brand.

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Keeping Positive Through The Current Crisis

Matt Holman joined us to offer help, advice and guidance on Keeping Positive Through The Current Crisis.  The webinar looked at the mental impact on those still working, those furloughed, those made redundant and those having to make difficult decisions about people's careers and how they can all manage their mental health.

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The Power of Mentoring as a Two-Way Street

Having a mentor by your side, is like having man's best friend... there for you when you need them.  We were joined by Simon Fordham, Business Mentor, Executive Coach and the Director & Chair of The Association of Business Mentors who explained is going to explain how he got into mentoring and coaching.  He talked about the value of mentoring to the mentee/mentor, the relationship, the boundaries, the environment and how both mentee and mentor get the very best out of mentoring.  

Please click here to view the recording of the webinar

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How was your lockdown

Jo has shared further tips and ideas for managing your wellbeing (think physical and mental health) as we look to winter months, further lockdown iterations and general uncertainty.

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Managing modern day stress

Many of us, our friends and colleagues are experiencing debilitating stress, some for the first time in our/their life or career, and we/they need help to restore balance and confidence to face the future no matter what it holds.

This stress management webinar has been designed to give participants real insight into our/their own stress triggers and arm us/them with tried and tested tools and techniques to manage stress. These techniques help control and reduce anxiety and overwhelm and restore confidence.    

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Job Support Scheme

Following the government's announcement of the Job Support Scheme which launches on November 1, we were thrilled to be joined once again by Ami Naru, Partner and Head of Employment at Travlaw to talk us through this new scheme. During this session you will hear how the new scheme will work and how it impacts you as an employer or employee. 

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Making The Most Of Your LinkedIn Profile

It is probably more important than ever for you to have a stellar LinkedIn profile with skills and accomplishments that represent you, what you stand for and what you are passionate about. During this session Wayne Hope of the New Hope Career Academy focuses on improving your LinkedIn Profile.  This session offers advice on setting up your profile to get noticed by hiring managers and recruiters and how you use the platform effectively.  He offers advice on how to build and maintain your online brand. 

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Business and Personal Coaching

Claire had over 25 years’ experience working in the travel sector in various leadership and consultancy roles before making a career change and becoming a coach.  In this session Claire offers her expertise and experience to support individuals to realise their own potential and achieve their goals on a personal and career level.  She will also focus on the importance of keeping positive, recognising your key strengths, acknowledging your feelings about life changes and taking time to reflect.  Claire looks the current situation many people are in and challenges you to look at who you are and to be clear on your strengths and the need to focus on these.  Claire offers advice on how you stay confident, perhaps by doing something out of your comfort zone or if you aren’t confident how you can be bold and ask for advice and help. 

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Time To Transition

Many people in our industry are now being forced to change their careers, amid the chaos created by the coronavirus pandemic. It has happened at such an alarming speed and depth it's difficult sometimes to catch your breath.  What is important to remember at times like this is that change can be good and can create opportunities that we would have never envisaged in normal times.  The BTA has partnered with Travilearn to deliver a course, designed for business travel consultants to help guide them navigate their way through the changes now facing them in their career.  As part of the #BTA Cares initiative this course will extend a helping hand to business travel professionals when they need it most.  This course will take you on that path and has been designed to help you rationalise what happened and most importantly, what happens next.  Thanks and appreciation to our partners Avis Car Rental for sponsoring this course so that many business travel professionals will be able to use the resources to help them in the next stage of their career.  

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Customer and Supplier Relations - Hear From The Corporates

We are joined by two industry ‘veterans’ to hear their advice on what they believe not only travel managers but people in similar roles want from an account manager. Chris Pouney is Director, Business Travel Procurement at Severnside Consulting Ltd, previously he was Senior VP, Global Lead for Travel Services at Citigroup. Lee Whiteing is Global Head of Travel Operations at HSBC , he has been with HSBC for over 27 years in various roles. They will pass on advice to anyone who is considering applying for a role in travel management or procurement as well offering advice on what they believe large corporations are looking for when recruiting staff.

Sam Cande

In Conversation With... Sam Cande

#BTACares: Sam Cande, Head of Partnerships at Times Higher Education talked to the BTA’s Partnership Manager Julie Cooper, about her experiences within the business travel industry and adjusting to the new normal of virtual working. Sam offers advice on resilience, networking and interview techniques through the Coronavirus pandemic. #YourBTA #COVID19

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Selling Your Transferable Skills Plus Interview Techniques

If you have spent your whole career in the travel industry and now find yourself looking for roles outside of travel, how do you “non-travel” your CV?  Are you struggling to convey what your transferable skills are and do you know how to match them when looking at job vacancies?

Matt Holman
26TH AUGUST 2020

#BTACares: Here’s a mid week reminder from Matthew Holman, founder of Simpila Healthy Solutions on the importance of taking care of our mental health.

In addition to our programme of webinars, numerous senior Members and Partners have volunteered to help with questions and concerns colleagues under consultation may have during these difficult times.

All questions will be treated in the strictest confidence, with requests sent anonymously to our panel of industry leaders and replies sent back via BTA ensuring privacy is maintained. Please contact with any queries / requests for advice you may have.

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26TH AUGUST 2020

Employment Update and Know Your Rights 

Ami Naru, Partner and Head of Employment at Travlaw offers advice to those people who have been made redundant or are facing redundancy and shares how the process should be carried out correctly and what your rights are.

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19TH AUGUST 2020

Career Opportunities In Other Industries

Sandra Kelly, UK Director of People 1st International and Alessandra Alonso, Founder of Women in Travel CIC discuss how you can transfer from our sector to other industries.  During this webinar we look at the importance of transferable skills, the values of experience versus skills and qualifications and how it feels to leave the industry you love.  Alessandra offers advice on repositioning your CV and application letters and also explains the support and mentoring services available to women in accessing opportunities in and outside the industry.

Click On The Below Links To Download Presentations and Resrouces From People 1st and Women In Travel CIC:
Penny Video
19TH AUGUST 2020

In Conversation With... Penny Worthy

#BTACares: Events Manager David Clare sat down recently with Penny Worthy to chat about her experience of being made redundant and the steps she is taking to look for a new position.

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12th AUGUST 2020

How To Market Yourself Successfully

Where do you start when writing your CV?  Lynne Griffiths and Fiona McKenzie of Sirius, a specialist recruitment, head-hunting and executive search company, share how to structure and tailor your CV to ensure it makes the right first impression. Hear their top tips of what to do and just as important, what not do with your CV and LinkedIn profile.  You will also hear advice on interview preparation, virtual interview tips and post-interview follow-up.  Come and listen to our guest experts and learn How to Market Yourself Successfully, get bespoke advice, interview tips and LinkedIn and CV guidance.

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My Redundancy & Consultation Process - The Multiple Mistakes I Made and What I Learnt

Hear from BTA Board Member Pat McDonagh who tells his story around redundancy and consultation processes (as a victim of it), the multiple mistakes he made, the learnings he took from them and the importance of having the right mindset to meet the challenges he faced. 

Dr Lucy Rattrie, psychologist and university lecturer joins Pat to provide the analysis, look at his behaviours and mindset at various stages of the process and how you can best approach it yourself. 

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