Our first set of FAQs focuses on Mental Health, and has been produced in partnership with the CEO of Simpila Healthy Solutions, Matt Holman. 

We know many of you are confronting completely new working environments with the additional concerns of coronavirus, caring for family and potentially providing home schooling for your children. 

This can of course take an adverse toll on the mental health of individuals and teams. It can also mean that physical wellbeing takes a back-seat. 

This guide gives some simple tips, links to other resources and aims to get us all talking about our mental health.

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Following on from our Q&As on Mental Health with Matt Holman last week, we wanted to provide you with some guidance on some of the pressing Legal matters across the sector.

In such a fast moving and fluid situation, any expert assistance can help us avoid 
minefields and provide necessary reassurance. 

This week, we are lucky to have two experts: Luke Golding and Ami Naru, both Partners at Travlaw.

In the following pages, together, we have tried to best anticipate issues you may need legal guidance with, facing legal questions can be overwhelming, exhausting and an end up being very costly - whether as employers, employees or individuals.

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This week's FAQ focuses on cyber security. With more of us adjusting to the new normal of working from home, we wanted to provide you with some guidance to protect yourself in the virtual realm. 

With a huge increase in the number of people working remotely, it is of critical importance that we take care of our cyber environment. 

This week, Nick Hawkins, Director go Global Secure Accreditation, sat down with us to impart some valuable advice on how to create the safest and most secure set-up whilst working from home. 

We will go through top tips on Cyber Security alongside what you could be needing as employers on platforms you use to communicate and share information with your employees. Hence, protecting yourself from scams and ensuring privacy whilst working from home. 
BTA FAQ HR Heart and Brain[1]

This week, Lynne Griffiths, Founder and  Managing Director of latest BTA member,
Sirius Executive Search has brought her expertise to our most pressing questions. With over 35 years’ experience within the corporate travel industry, Lynne has held commercial roles from Sales to Procurement as well as IT and HR and has built up an extensive network in the travel industry.

Armed with such expertise, Sirius has been able to help us develop the following pages with tips and answers about skills development, career growth, management evolution and how the industry might evolve.

With all this information to hand, we want you and your teams to feel encouraged and prepared for the months to come.

These FAQs are from you, and for you, so please do let me know if there is a particular issue or topic you would like us to tackle or if you would like to offer your expertise to the series.
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As we continue to adjust to life in lockdown, consider a new normal and try to make the best of the current situation, I am aware that many of us are pulled from one virtual meeting to another.

This week, I have been particularly aware of ‘Zoom fatigue.’

In an effort to combat this and to move into a stage where virtual meetings become events and an increasingly comfortable part of life, this week’s FAQs look at common mistakes and quick wins when holding a virtual event or meeting. They are designed for the novice through to the expert, so please take the
relevant pages for you.

Thank you to our experts this week: Dave Clare from the Business Travel Network (and of course the BTA), Julie White (author of Live It, Love It, Sell It) and Matt Lewis from the Active Group. They have come together to share their expertise and are very much the sort of collaboration we are seeing across the industry.

BTA Heart and Brain FAQ Financial Planning-01

As we all wait to hear the Government's plan for easing lockdown and getting Britain moving again, I know many of you are trying to plan for the months and year ahead, whether on a personal or company level. 

This week, we have talked to Jonathan Wall, Managing Director and Claire Steiner, HR Specialist, of Elman Wall, to discuss the priorities and considerations needed when looking at our financial future from the midst of a crisis. 

I hope that you will be able to use their clear advice around Government assistance, navigating beyond the current lockdown and find positivity in their thoughts going into 2021. 

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As we look towards another week in lockdown with the first signs of some flexibility being introduced, alongside both welcome and unwelcome new measures, we inevitable look even more critically for some direction. In turbulent waters, the captain or conductor is the one we look up and at for that. Perhaps inevitably therefore, this week we are focusing on all areas of Leadership. 

In the following pages, we look at the behaviours, considerations and actions that need to be taken to put our teams and more widely, our industry, on track for the coming months and years. 

I want to thank Suzanne Horner from Gray Dawes Group for not only taking the time to answer our questions, but also encouraging members of her team to also take part. All three have contributed with admirable honesty, a clear desire to help our industry through this period and with their own perspectives on how we can do this together. 
BTA FAQ Stress Heart and Brain-01

Having spoken to many of you in recent weeks, we at the BTA, have been very conscious of the rising stress across all levels of the industry (including ours).

We continue to fight on your behalf but also wanted to help in a practical and more immediate way. Therefore, this week’s FAQs focuses on how best to manage and indeed avoid stress during Covid-19.

A huge thank you to Nel Flint and Christopher Babayode who have generously given their time and expertise to this guide. Their combined insight means that we have practical takeaway tips for our professional and personal lives that should see us through the current crisis and into good habits on the other side.

BTA FAQ Planning to go back to work Heart and Brain-01

Despite the introduction of a 14-day quarantine into the UK, I know that many of you are beginning to plan a return in some shape or form to the office for your teams.

This is not an easy step and one rife with considerations, so, we wanted to help the process by consulting a team that are going through this themselves.

I would like to extend huge thanks to Jane Harrington and Steve Riley from Clarity BT for taking the time over this long weekend to consider and answer our questions on behalf of you all. 

We may not go back to the same type of office routine as we had in February 2020, but, I hope this guide helps you all to consider how to move forwards and live in the new Covid-era.

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