BTA Innovation Huddle

The BTA was delighted to host Innovation Huddle in partnership with Amadeus.

Three start-up companies with different solutions for the business travel industry along with Amadeus gave 15-minute presentations on their products and responded to questions from the attendees.

The three start-ups were:


Thrust Carbon is an IATA award-winning green technology firm, focused on ensuring that human actions no longer have to cost the Earth. Everything we do is in the name of making travel effortlessly green.

Our client portfolio consists of multiple Fortune 500 companies as well as a range of back office suppliers and Travel Management Companies. Our design-centred products enable you or your clients to easily analyse carbon emissions, reduce them, and offset them. With our engaging, easy to use technology, you can lead your clients forward into a greener world. 
Yoti is a digital identity platform that allows individuals to quickly and securely share their verified information with relying parties.The relying party defines the information they require, and the individual will then consent to share, through the Yoti app, in a data minimised way. In relation to travel, Yoti provides confidence in passenger data and facilitates contactless self-services, from curb to gate, through our ports. By providing their verified passenger information, which can include a health credential, and an image at check-in, passengers can then use their face to pass through key checkpoints without having to use documents or engage with staff. This provides a better travel experience for the passenger and delivers well documented benefits for airports, airlines and authorities. 


Grapevine is an AI-powered Digital Concierge that provides intelligent retargeting and personalized content as a service to travel businesses. Our initial target market is the $1.4tn corporate travel industry, where Travel Management Companies (TMCs) currently lose 80% of hotel booking opportunities and capture little to no 'in-destination' spend. Our ML engine, Marvin helps TMCs retarget users with 'right time, right channel' personalized and bookable recommendations, via a very simple to integrate plug and play solution. Our goal is to drive $80bn+ in value to the TMC industry alone over the next 5 years. 

Click on the links below to download the presentation or view a recording of the huddle:

Thrust Carbon Presentation

Yoti Presentation

Grapevine Presentation

Huddle Recording