The BTA Industry Sector Conferences

The BTA Sector Conferences are now an established part of the BTA Strategy Groups calendar and focus directly on the relevant industry issues related to their specific Strategy Group. The Sector Conferences content and agendas are designed to widen industry knowledge and learning, to create debate on the big issues of the day and to allow for partners to showcase their products. With specialist speakers, insightful panels, industry interviews and an open forum for audience participation, the BTA Sector Conferences are a unique networking opportunity for Strategy Group members and industry partners. 

BTA Sector Conferences 2020

Accommodation | 18th February

Aviation | 15th September

Technology | 20th October

Payments | 17th November

BTA Sector Conferences 2018 and 2019

To view the agendas from our previous BTA Sector Conferences please click on the below links:

Hotel and Apartment Sector Conference | November 2018

Surface Transportation Sector Conference | May 2019

People and Industry Talent Sector Conference | 2nd October 2019

Aviation and Technology Sector Conference | 28th November 2019