Avanti West Coast
29TH MAY 2020

Natasha Grice, Executive Director - Customer Experience at Avanti West Coast joins us to discuss the steps they are taking to ensure passenger & staff safety onboard and in stations.  The pandemic has changed how people will now travel by train, Natasha discusses what changes have already been made and others that are in the pipeline. 

5TH MAY 2020

Matt Holman, managing director of Simpila Healthy Solution will speak about Mental Health Wellbeing.  Matt discusses the mental impact on those still working and those furloughed, how to manage the current pressures of working remotely and coping with self-isolation and suggestions on how the business travel community should come together during the pandemic.
30TH APRIL 2020 

Ami Naru, Partner and Head of Employment at Travlaw shares practical advice on dealing with furloughed workers, staff working from home, generic employee and employers rights during this time and plans for returning to the workplace. 

22ND APRIL 2020 

Rachel McGuinness, the Chief Vitality Officer at Wake Up With Zest offers advice on keeping healthy and energised during the pandemic.  Topics covered  include ways to keep your immune system boosted, how to make sure you’re getting great sleep, staying fit at home even in the smallest space, healthy foods to add to your shopping list and tips for you to pass on to furloughed employees
21ST APRIL 2020 

Luke Golding and Matt Gatenby from Travlaw talk about what we have learnt as a result of Covid-19. During this webinar they discuss legal issues surrounding people still travelling despite the UK Government advisories and explain whether liability can track back to TMCs & corporates if something goes wrong. 
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