EFR Travel
The EFR Travel Group have been trading for over 14 years. The EFR Travel group prides itself on service and providing the client with the Ultimate TMC Experience. 

From start to finish on a booking the journey becomes seamless with our clients' needs being well catered for. With preferred partnerships with all major airlines, hotels, Rail and Car Hire, the EFR Travel group can cater for the small, medium or large Corporate client with complete flexibility to adapt to the client's needs at the time of engagement.

From our London office, with EFR Travel affiliates in Los Angeles and New York you'll be assured a warm welcome wherever you travel. Ever sit on hold for 20 minutes trying to make/change travel plans? Or been stuck in a never-ending loop of automated voice prompts? It's a terrible feeling and results in enormous productivity loss. And of course it always seems to happen just when you need it least. Like when you're trying to get to that all-important meeting or when you need to get home.

When that happens (and it will happen), you need a number to call where a human being is on the other end of the line and picks up in less than 3 rings! One who is UK-based, knows who you are, knows your preferences, can relate to your situation and fixes the problem quickly.

Because we're rather well connected (EFR is part of the WIN Global Partners) with representatives in 42 countries, there will always be someone contactable to advise on logistical issues or with any extra-curricular items that may arise.
EFR Travel
43-45 High Road
Bushey Heath
WD23 1EE

Telephone Number
0208 421 7090

Contact Name
Ed Rom

Job Title
Chief Executive Officer