Great Western Railway
A Greater West for everyone.

As one of the largest train companies in Britain, more than 100 million customers a year join us on board.

Our Night Riviera connects London and the West, while our direct links to Heathrow and Gatwick make airport travel easy. And our famous Pullman service is the ultimate in high-speed dining.

We cover Devon and Cornwall, Bristol and South Wales, London, and large parts of Southern England, so next time you need to go somewhere, why not try the train.

A Railway For The Future

When the Great Western Railway was built, it opened the West and Wales to trade and tourism.

And now, along with our partners at Network Rail, we're proud to have the chance to look after your railway.

As well as electrifying our main routes, and upgrading key stations, we're carrying out the biggest upgrade of trains in the country.
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