As a responsible travel management company, we help our clients to tackle their green challenges when it comes to their organisations’ business travel and meetings.

We help by providing management systems that store, sort and present information relating to every client’s individual travel choices, journey mileage and carbon emissions.  This information is analysed by our expert Account Managers to make recommendations on changes and improvements to our clients’ travel and meetings programmes and policies.   Changes which help organisations work towards and achieve their own sustainability and environmental targets.  We can help with guidance on greener travel options, management of green travel policies, advice on planning and holding environmentally friendly meetings and events and with carbon offsetting.  

Beyond Travel Avoidance

For many companies, the sustainability movement has been all about reducing their carbon footprint and achieving significant results relatively quickly by cutting down on business travel. Once the easy wins have been achieved, though, what can the same businesses do to continue improving on their sustainability record year-on-year?

And is it really worth it?

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