Founded in 2017[1] and headquartered in London, Karhoo brings licensed fleets from around the world together with global travel operators to create smarter mobility solutions for travellers and citizens.

Its platform provides simple integration options allowing partners to natively offer e-hailing and pre-booking into their applications and online channels.

Karhoo is backed by Groupe Renault as part of their mobility-as-an-industry initiative and has built a network of over 1.8 million vehicles worldwide.

As Karhoo’s technology is white label, it is able to create innovative new platforms for organisations like Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and other large operators, enabling them to expand their mobility offering by providing passengers with a range of transport options for the first and last mile of their trip. 

Harnessing Karhoo’s real-time cost comparison platform and tapping into its extensive network, TMC’s and other partners can provide their customers with a selection of the best offers at the best price, calculated according to the route, with a guaranteed reservation and no queuing. Karhoo’s platform also allows its partners to book a cab immediately or pre-book transport up to a year ahead.

These integrations allow organisations to streamline their mobility services by digitising their booking and payments process.

Karhoo has already partnered with major transport operators across land and sea including national rail companies, cruises, corporate mobility and chauffeur services.  Earlier this year Karhoo unveiled its ground-breaking partnership with SNCF Mobilités (French Railways) which saw Karhoo build an innovative new platform enabling travellers on SNCF’s high-speed trains to book first and last mile journeys by taxi or private hire vehicles.

In April 2019, Karhoo won the prestigious European Startup Gold Prize for mobility. Beating over 500 other mobility startups to the top prize, Karhoo along with four other European startups were judged to be the breakthrough innovations with the most potential to shape the mobility landscape in Europe and around the world.

Find out more about Karhoo at www.karhoo.com or follow Karhoo’s social media channels:

Twitter | @karhoo  

LinkedIn | Karhoo | A Flit Technologies? company

[1] Karhoo was originally launched in 2014 under a different management team, shareholder and business model. The defunct company was acquired and relaunched by the new management and shareholders and operates a completely different business model


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