Political Engagement

A major challenge for any organisation seeking to influence Government policy is ensuring their voice is heard among the numerous stakeholders competing for Government time and resources. When ministers, advisers and civil servants are devising policy they are subject to a wide variety of pressures, influences and voices. We ensure the voice of the UK business travel industry is heard in any conversation that could affect our future.

The BTA - supported by public affairs agency Cavendish Communications - works to ensure that the business travel  sector has a clear voice in shaping policy, whether through direct meetings and relationship building with politicians and officials, or by responding to consultations and inquiries. Cavendish also supports the BTA through disseminating regular political updates and helping to secure political speakers for industry events.

The BTA is constantly building on our network of contacts in Westminster, Whitehall and Brussels to ensure that when any issue arises concerning business travel, we can exert a positive influence.