Reed and Mackay
Reed & Mackay combines the scale of international player with the agility to treat every clients as though they are the only one in our world. With a passion for service and proprietary technology across the globe, we don't just make a difference. We make an extraordinary difference.  
Reed and Mackay

Nexus Place
25 Farringdon Street

Telephone Number
0207 246 3333

Contact Name
Fred Stratford

Job Title
Group CEO

Key Products and Services
Full Suite Of Proprietary Technology:
  • R&M/Book - Online Booking Tool
  • R&M/Mobile - Mobile Booking Tool and Travel App
  • R&M/Approve - Approval Tool
  • R&M/Protect - Risk Management Platform
  • R&M/Insights - Business Intelligence
  • R&M/Portal - Travel Management Platform