Strategy Groups

Strategy Groups play a key role in the BTA calendar of meetings and events, monitoring developments within their relevant sector, making appropriate recommendations and representations to members and industry partners, and influencing policy that will benefit TMC's, partners and the business travel community.

All member companies are encouraged to nominate a representative to join each strategy group and to actively participate and contribute in the debate and the issues of the day

Our groups meet up to four times a year. One of the group meetings is likely to be a conference or forum dedicated totally to each specific sector. You can find upcoming meetings in our events calendar.

For more information, or if you'd like to join one of our strategy groups, please contact:

Nicky Tollworthy |


The BTA Aviation Strategy Group works with airline partners on issues, products and services concerning TMC's and the business travel sector.

BTA members account for over 90% of managed business travel spend in the UK, including the sale of over £5 billion in air ticket sales a year. This gives the BTA a strong voice, and significant influence within the sector.

Next Aviation Meeting: 25th September 2019

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Conference, Meetings and Events

The BTA Conference and Events Strategy Group is the latest addition to out meetings calendar, recognising the growing importance and opportunity that the sector brings to increase revenue and consolidate supplier spend for BTA members.

The MICE industry is a highly competitive and specialist business travel sector, and our members meet to promote best practice and the professionalism of standards across the industry. Working closely with industry and association partners we aim to challenge legacy processes , ensure the long term sustainability of the MICE industry and promote the well being of delegates to maximise value from all events for our members clients.

Next Conference and Events Meeting: 1st October 2019

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Hotel and Apartment

The Hotel and Apartment Strategy Group members work with industry partners from across the accommodation sector to resolve common industry issues and to promote new products and services for the business travel sector. The Group also oversee the development and promotion of the BTA Hotel Programme. 

The BTA membership accounts for over 90% of managed business travel spend in the UK and in 2018 GTMC members booked over 15 million room nights giving BTA members a strong voice and significant influence in the sector. 

Next Hotel and Apartment Meeting: 1st October2019 

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Payments and Industry Affairs

The BTA Payments and Industry Affairs Strategy Group monitors legal, regulatory and financial issues that impact on the business travel sector.

The BTA Payments and Industry Affairs Strategy Group works closely with industry partners and all relevant industry trade bodies and associations to ensure our members are conversant with the latest regulations and legislation impacting the business travel industry.

Next Payments and Industry Affairs Meeting: 10th September 2019

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People and Industry Talent 

The BTA People and Industry Talent Strategy Group focuses on promoting business travel as a career and in the acquisition and development of talent in the industry

The BTA People and Industry Talent Strategy Group works tirelessly to ensure that the TMC sector and business travel is a recognised professional career opportunity across multiple disciplines. The focus of the group and members is with next generation development of future mangers and leaders, apprenticeships, academia and in training and development through the BTA diploma courses. 
Next People and Industry Talent Meeting: 2nd October 2019

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Surface Transport

The BTA Surface Transport Strategy Group works closely with industry partners across a broad range of surface related transportation on issues and services and products that impact on the business travel sector.

The BTA Surface Transport Strategy Group focus their attention on the issues of the day and complexity surrounding the rail industry, working with train operating companies and RDG (Rail Delivery Group). The group is also responsible for all matters relating to ground transportation, from car hire to chauffeur drive and aggregation of content. 

Next Surface Transport Meeting: 11th September 2019

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The BTA Technology Strategy Group aims to identify opportunities and challenges brought about through emerging technologies, engaging with technology partners and relevant suppliers to understand their strategies and objectives.

The role of technology becomes increasingly more important across all aspects of our industry. The Technology Strategy Group play a vital role for our members by leading the technology debate across all aspects of the business travel industry. The groups responsibilities are wide and varied, from engagement with IATA over NDC and One Order to setting the agenda and standards for data reporting and encouraging new technology start up's through the BTA Entrepreneur Award in Business Travel.

Next Technology Meeting: 24th September 2019

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