Traveldoo, an Expedia Group company, is a provider of web and mobile platforms for business travel and expense management.

Founded in 2000, Traveldoo solutions simplify travel booking and expense reporting, help optimise travel spend and expense management processes, improve risk and crisis management and make business travellers' and travel arrangers' lives easier. Traveldoo empowers its clients to take control of their internal policies by giving them the tools they need to manage external suppliers' content independently and intelligently. Traveldoo's Travel and Expense solutions draw on the best of corporate and consumer applications to provide an intuitive, compelling user experience that boosts efficiency, drives cost-savings, and facilitates program management.

Traveldoo's services are used by over 4,500 organisations, large companies, public services, SMEs and business travel professionals in over 65 countries

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Sam Cande       

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UK Country Manager

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