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Employment Law 2024/25 Update

This year has brought about a significant wave of employment law changes and keeping abreast of these developments is increasingly challenging.  We were delighted to be joined by Ami Naru from Travlaw who gave a recap on the key considerations for employers and addressed several questions from the audience.

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GDPR Unwrapped: Navigating Data Protection in Travel

We were joined by Farina Azam from Fox Williams who provided essential insights into the UK's data protection framework, including the UK GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018.

During this session, Farina offered guidance on compliance requirements, key principles and best practices for data protection in the travel industry. The webinar provided valuable knowledge to help navigate the complexities of data privacy regulations effectively.

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The world of training and apprenticeships with Talent Vista

We were joined by BTA Partner Talent Vista who shared details on their level 3 Travel Consultant Apprenticeship programme, which equips apprentices with essential travel skills.. They also offered advice on how to revolutionise your recruitment strategy with the Talent Vista ‘Elite Travel Academy’, to gain access to skilled graduates in travel industry principles.

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Get Paid Today, Not Tomorrow

On this webinar, we were delighted to be joined by Good Business Pays Founder and CEO, Terry Corby who provided an update on their work and the latest news on potential changes in government regulations that may help you in debt recovery.  The subjects covered included:
- The latest Good Business Pays data on the best and worst paying customers
- How to use the free resources on the Good Business Pays website to help you assess potential client risk
- Changes in Government regulations around payments
- Tips on how to avoid late payment issues (developed in conjunction with the BTA)

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BTA Innovation Hub

The BTA were delighted to be joined by three companies with different solutions for the business travel industry who gave 15 minute presentations on their products and services before answering questions from attendees.

The companies who joined us were:

Elevate your TMC's hotel revenue with DerbySoft and Arise's cutting-edge Business Travel Suite (BTS)!  BTS is designed to help increase your attachment rate and streamline booking and commission processes. 

Yugen Earthside
A curated marketplace of responsible package trips. Our portfolio of experiences is sourced from locally owned DMCs worldwide that operate with sustainability at their core. 

Who proudly leads as a premier B2B technology provider of eSIM global roaming data for the travel industry.

The presentations are available for download from our Useful Resources page

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Revolutionise your Workforce Strategy

Are you ready to revolutionise your workforce strategy! Watch this educational webinar with our guests Grant Thornton, as we explored the BTA Learning Academy programs available in 2024 in leadership, data analytics, coaching, and accountancy.  Peek into the BTA Academy plans for tailored programs and hear real manager & apprentice experiences thanks to our special guests from Agiito.

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Debt Recovery for TMCs

In this session we were delighted to be joined by Krystene Bousefield from Travlaw who provided insightful information on crucial actions and protective measures vital for securing your business's financial position.

Krystene  covered a range of actions and protective steps that your business can, and should be taking to protect your financial position.

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US Visa Entry Update

The BTA were delighted to be joined by representatives from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for an engaging discussion on the latest developments and enhancements to the U.S. visa waiver program.  The webinar covered the new ESTA Mobile App and important updates concerning safe and secure travel to the United States.

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Expedia TAAP Demo

We were joined by Adam Reeves, Senior Sales Manager from Expedia TAAP who provided an update on what’s coming up for Expedia TAAP and the benefits of using the platform.

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4th October 2023


Introduction to ETA for Suppliers

From October 2023 the government are introducing an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme as part of their transformation and digitisation of the UK border by 2025.  An ETA is a digital permission to travel. We were delighted to be joined by representatives from the Home Office team to explain how the scheme will work and to answer questions from our members.

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20th September 2023


Introduction to ETA for TMCs

From October 2023 the government are introducing an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme as part of their transformation and digitisation of the UK border by 2025.  An ETA is a digital permission to travel. We were delighted to be joined by representatives from the Home Office team to explain how the scheme will work and to answer questions from our members.

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7th September 2023


Introduction to the BTA Leadership Academy

The BTA Leadership Academy will be launching in November 2023. In this webinar you will learn about:
•    The importance of management training and its benefits.
•    How investing in your managers fosters a culture of learning, showcases commitment to development, and unlocks your talent pipeline potential.
•    The two academy programs and their learning outcomes.
•    What funding is available to pay up to 100% of the fees.

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26th July 2023


IATA CO2 Connect

An exclusive webinar introducing the ground-breaking IATA CO2 Connect.  An emissions calculator developed with real airline data based on industry approved recommended practices that can easily be integrated into operations.

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4th July 2023

business travel magazine

Business Travel Ambassadors: Kindred Spirits, Clive and Sammi Wratten - The Business Travel Magazine

The pair spoke to Bev Fearis, Editor of The Business Travel Magazine, about their personal journeys, what they love about their jobs, how you can enjoy a career in travel without a college or university education, and how it's vital to persuade young people - and their parents - that business travel is a career worth pursuing.

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19th April 2023

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BTA Data Academy

If you missed the BTA Data Academy webinar and want to understand what these tailored to business travel data programmes can offer your employees and what the ROI potential could be for your business, then grab a cuppa, sit back & watch this recording of the last webinar.

For more information & next steps contact

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13th March 2023


Cyber Crime

How confident are you that your business is protected from fraud & cyber crime? Did you know that 52% of all crime is cyber related? Listen to our panel of experts discussing best practices to protect you, your business, your staff & customers.

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19th January 2023


BTA Cares - New Year, New People

After a year of staffing challenges, what can we learn from other industry sectors in the way that they are tackling the recruitment challenges, has there been a noticeable change in the calibre of candidates on the market, what new challenges are recruiters facing in 2023 and how can we evolve to continue to attract new talent?

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5th December 2022


BTA Cares - People Are People

Has the summer recruitment gone to plan for the industry? Where did we find people to fill the vacancies, was it skills or attitude that got positions filled and what are we still missing to promote our industry as a career option?

Our panel offer their thoughts and advice in the first in a series of three sessions.

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10th October 2022


Travel tech: what’s next for TMCs?

In our latest BTA Podcast, our Commercial Director Andrew Clark spoke to Sarah Sheppard (Sr. Director of Global Product Management) and Robbie Thomas (Sr. Director of Strategic Planning and Product Management) at Sabre

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29th September 2022


Recruitment - Do we have a problem?

We are joined by four experts to discuss what is happening across the industry, the challenges recruiters are facing and how the recruitment landscape has changed. 

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19th July 2022


NDC - Buyers Perspective

The BTA is hosted this webinar to hear from the corporate travel buyers on what NDC means to them, how they think its evolution is going and is it delivering what they want.

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17th July 2022


BTA Cares - Returning to Work

As the industry bounces back and previous employees are being asked to return to work, we ask three guests if it's an easy decision to come back to travel? What impact has that period of absence had on them and has the industry changed, and if so, does the change make travel a more attractive career choice? 

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12th July 2022

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Clive Wratten chatted to Elizabeth West of BTN at Business Travel Show Europe

They spoke about the current recovery pains of the travel industry and in particular the business travel sector.

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3rd July 2022