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BTA Best Practice Guides

The Business Travel Association (BTA) provides an extensive selection of best practice guides that cover a wide range of topics. These guides serve as valuable resources for our members and partners as well as for their customers, who include business travel buyers and travellers. Accessing these guides is as easy as clicking on the cover of the publication you're interested in, giving you access to a wealth of information to assist individuals and organisations in navigating various aspects of business travel.

To view the best practices guides click on the publication cover.


Best Practice for TMCs and Suppliers

As the travel industry witnesses a steady return to pre-pandemic levels, TMCs and suppliers have expressed concerns about transparency, data sharing, strategic alignment, and mutual understanding, identifying the need for improvement in these areas. In response to the disconnect between both parties, the BTA published this document to bridge the gap.


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Charter 

The BTA joins the Association of Women Travel Executives (ATWE) to release a new diversity, equity and inclusion best practice charter

"The BTA provides the ideal opportunity to engage with the most significant TMC’s in the UK.  Using the various events, business sessions, meeting etc. AirPlus gains direct access to the key personnel in order to allow us to further our business relationship with them.  AirPlus only works with the BTA as this association provides the networking opportunities required to ensure our financial offer is clearly positioned to both the TMCs and their clients."