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Thanks for visiting the BTA Career Resources webpage.

To kick-off this new BTA Careers Resources webpage, we are proud to launch “Your Career Can Travel”, a brochure dedicated to anyone who is not familiar with business travel and wants to understand more about this exciting sector of the travel industry. To read the brochure just click on the front cover above.

We look forward to developing this webpage, with more resources to support anyone considering a career in business travel or developing their skills further within their existing role. As all our contributors have echoed, it’s an amazing industry to work in with so many opportunities for anyone with passion and willingness, to thrive and go further than you ever thought possible. We truly believe that your career really can travel!

The attached double-sided flyer may be printed out for use when attending/holding careers events or any school/college/uni visits. It contains a useful QR code which takes the user straight to the Your Career Can Travel brochure. Click on the image to view the leaflet.


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"The BTA brings together the Business Travel Industry in such a collaborative way, that its value to its community is unrivalled.

It gives you the opportunity to connect with people and grow your network and understand the insights of business travel from all areas."