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In conversation with SIXT

The BTA's Andrew Clarke spoke to Andrew Smith Managing Director for SIXT UK. They discussed the current trends in the industry and how the demand is for ground transportation.  They looked at the SIXT product and how it differentiates from its competitors and how the SIXT network has developed and what the plans are for expansion?  They also discussed the challenges impacting the industry and what initiatives they have in place to enhance customer excitement and loyalty?

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In Conversation with Enterprise Mobility

The BTA's Andrew Clarke, spoke to Oliver Moore, Director of, Travel Agency Sales EMEA at Enterprise Mobility before they both head off for the Business Travel Show. After some intros, they discussed the recent rebrand to Enterprise Mobility, why the change and what does mobility mean to Enterprise. They discussed reasons for the rebrand and what does mobility mean to them. They also spoke about customer service and the requests that they receive as well as sustainability and what this means for customers and Enterprise Mobility.

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In Conversation with Lufthansa

Clive Wratten spoke to Sven Thaler, Head of Regional Sales, Northern Europe at Lufthansa Group. During the conversation they discussed Sven’s role and his experience in the industry.  They then spoke about the Lufthansa Group, the member airlines, the network to/from the UK and the importance of the UK market to them.  Sven also discussed the new Lufthansa Allegris Long Haul product, the features in the new Business and First Class and how it worked with the different options/seat types?

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Enterprise Product Update

We were joined by our partner Enterprise who gave an introduction to the company, who they are and what they can offer. They then provided an industry update with a look to the future on how Enterprise continues to build their business and adapt to a changing market. The webinar also covered current market trends and the topic of innovation and what this looks like for Enterprise and their customers.

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View Enterprise Presentation Here


In Conversation with Trainline

Andrew Clarke spoke to Ruta Greenslade, Senior Manager Strategic Growth at Trainline. Topics discussed included rail’s superpowers, the model shift if any in Business Travel, Rail Europe and the most popular routes and how do we get the right content to the right people, at the right time?

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BTA Open Mic - Let's Talk Railways

The BTA held our first-ever BTA Open Mic event focused on railways for the business travel sector! We heard from members and partners who are passionate about improving the rail travel experience for travel management companies, business travel buyers and business travellers alike?

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Travel Market Life Podcast

Clive Wratten recently had the pleasure of joining Ryan Haynes on the Travel Market Life podcast to chat about all things business travel and about the work of The BTA.

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BTA Briefing - 15th January 2024

In their first conversation of the year Clive and Andrew discuss plans for 2024 with subject matter being generated by the BTA Manifesto. They look forward to up and coming webinars and events, including the BTA Accommodation Conference and the Next Gen Networking Evening. The campaign against airport drop-off charges is highlighted as well other interactions that the BTA have had in Westminster.

No mention of football on this occasion.

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BTA Briefing - 18th December 2023

In their final conversation of the year Clive Wratten and Andrew Clarke discuss the latest goings on at BTA Towers.  They discuss recent BTA events, the launch of the BTA Manifesto for 2024 and the recent sector conferences. Clive reviews his experience on the recent Virgin Atlantic SAF flight and of course there's always time for a little talk about football.  Finally we hear about a new arrival in the Wratten household plus the Christmas plans for Messrs Wratten & Clarke.

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ESTA BTA Social 1080x1080

USA Visa Entry Update

The BTA were delighted to be joined by representatives from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for an engaging discussion on the latest developments and enhancements to the U.S. visa waiver program. The webinar covered the new ESTA Mobile App and important updates concerning safe and secure travel to the United States.

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In Conversation with Atriis Technologies

Clive Wratten chatted to Kai-Gordon Weiland, Chief Sales Officer at Atriis Technologies. They delved into Atriis Technologies from its inception to where it stands today. Hear about Atriis' innovative approach to transforming managed travel for TMCs and corporates and why it's necessary, plus Atriis' goals for the future.

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Selling Low Cost Carrier Flights: The Legal Considerations

The BTA were delighted to be joined by Rhys Griffiths of Fox Williams an expert in travel law who is heavily involved in dealings with Low Cost Carriers (LCC).  He provided valuable insights and guidance on navigating the complexities of selling LCC flights and the many legal considerations that many of our members could face.

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BTA Briefing - 23rd October 2023

In their latest conversation Clive Wratten and Andrew Clarke discuss what has been happening over the last 21,600 working minutes whilst the CEO has been away from BTA Towers.

They discuss the travel stories hitting the headlines, from airport fires to more travel disruption and the cancellation of HS2 alongside an update of the key face-to-face activities The BTA have been up to including Breakfasts, Board Meetings & Universities.

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23rd October 2023

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General Agreements between TMCs and Corporate Customers

The BTA were delighted to host a webinar delving into the crucial realm of "General Agreements" between TMCs and Corporate Customers. The webinar aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the significance of these agreements in fostering strong and successful relationships, and to address the key aspects that surround them.  We were joined by Matt Gatenby and Katie Raby from BTA partners, Travlaw who provided attendees with invaluable insights into this crucial area.

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20th September 2023

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BTA Briefing - 20th September 2023

In this week's episode Clive & Andrew are joined by special guest Suzanne Horner the BTA Chair. They reviewed the recent BTA Conference in Antwerp, shared ideas on how we keep up the momentum of industry collaboration and discussed the latest industry news impacting business travel.

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20th September 2023

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BTA Briefing - 7th September 2023

In this episode Clive Wratten and Andrew Clarke discuss the up and coming BTA Conference which takes place next week in Antwerp. Has Andrew packed yet, what will Clive be wearing to The Big Dinner and have they checked their passports?  There's also some reflection on the ATC glitch and the impact it had on travellers, but of course recent acquisitions and Monarch Airlines, will they or won't they? Of course there's reference to football as Clive was just about to head off and see his beloved Reading play in Cambridge (don't ask the score).

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7th September 2023


AirPlus - The BIG Rethink

Our CEO Clive Wratten joined other industry leaders in AirPlus’ third episode of The Big Rethink Podcast. 

Give the episode a listen where you’ll hear Clive talk about our industry’s bounce back, economic instability, sustainability and more.

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5th September 2023

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BTA Briefing - 24th August 2023

In this episode Clive Wratten and Andrew Clarke discuss the great work being done to ensure we continue our relationships within government and how we look forward to the upcoming political conferences where we will be sharing The BTA manifesto.  They also spend some time plugging suppliers and partners based on recent interactions and experiences,  With our conference in Antwerp around the corner, they share details of our team planning day and other webinars that have been added to our events calendar.

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24th August 2023


BTA Briefing - 14th August 2023

In this episode Clive Wratten and Andrew Clarke discuss the name of this podcast, although we're not sure a decision was made. There's also a look forward to the BTA conference in Antwerp and the future conferences on Finance, Ground Transport and Accommodation. They also discuss railways and the BTA's recent white paper on Best Practice. And of course, it wouldn't be the BTA Briefing/Review/Update without some reference to the new football season!

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14th August 2023

Snowfall Podcast Image

In Conversation with...

Clive Wratten speaks to Snowfall's VP Global Sales Richard Viner about Snowfall's history, growth and their solution for the TMCs.

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3rd August 2023


In Converation With...

Andrew Clarke speaks to Expedia TAAP's Senior Sales Manager Adam Reeves about Expedia TAAP as a product, the connection into the TMC community and the commercial benefits to TMCs.

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26th July 2023

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BTA Briefing - 27th July 2023

In this episode Clive Wratten and Andrew Clarke discuss recent events including the Business Travel Show, the Next Gen Board Meeting, the huddles and the BTA conference in Antwerp. There's also some discussion on railways, new partners joining the BTA and the new football season!

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27th July 2023

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BTA Briefing - 13th July 2023

In this episode Clive Wratten and Andrew Clarke discuss recent events including the Business Travel Show, the BTA's Planet Plan Conference, the IATA CO2 webinar and BEAM Conference in Bournemouth.  They look ahead to the Amadeus/British Airways NDC webinar, the next Generation BTA Board Meeting and the BTA conference in Antwerp.

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13th July 2023

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BTA Briefing - 26th June 2023

In this episode Clive Wratten and Andrew Clarke discuss recent award and conference as well as reflecting on the BTA Parliamentary Dinner which took place last week. They also look forward to this weeks Business Travel Show and the BTA's Planet Plan Conference which takes place next Wednesday. There's also time to discuss the weather and offer advice to anyone planning to use the London Underground.

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26th June 2023

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BTA Briefing - 14th June 2023

In this episode Clive Wratten and Andrew Clarke discuss the recent M&E Conference and look ahead to forthcoming events including the next APPG, the Parliamentary Dinner, Planet Plan Conference and the Autumn Conference. There's also an update on Clive's numerous meetings with various MPs and Lords in Westminster as well as surprise for Andrew that whilst he was in Istanbul watching the Champions League Final, Clive was meeting up with his wife at a hotel in Heathrow.

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14th June 2023

Cockpit (5)

Creating a more inclusive travel industry through Allyship

The BTA were delighted to be joined by Alessandra Alonso from Women in Travel CIC and Christina Lawford of DiamondAir International. They discussed why allyship matters and how men can become allies to women and other diverse groups in the travel and tourism industry and how we can all work together to create a more inclusive future. 

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31st May 2023

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BTA Briefing - 30th May 2023

In this episode Clive Wratten and Andrew Clarke discuss the BTA Team Away Days and its benefits. They all look back at the recent webinars which focused on Revenue Management, Sustainability from the Flightdeck, Tax Implications for Overseas Staff and Neurodiversity. They were also joined by the Chair of the BTA Partner Board, Christina Lawford who gave both updates from the board as well as the services being offered by her company DiamondAir International.

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30th May 2023

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Sustainability - A View From the Flightdeck

We were delighted to hear from Captain Lorna Hutchings, Deputy Chief Pilot at Virgin Atlantic Airways with over 20 years of experience in the aviation industry.  In this webinar with Clive Wratten, Lorna gave her thoughts on flying aircraft and the pilots role in sustainability.

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BTA Cares - Living with Neurodiversity

Our final session on Neurodiversity took place during Mental Health Awareness week. Mental health can be impacted by neurodiversity, as some neurodivergent individuals may experience mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and mood disorders. Our experts discussed how you gain or offer the right support and help when needed.

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17th May 2023


Legal & Tax Implications of Staff Remote Working Abroad.

With the way we traditionally work changing, more employees are requesting or opting to have the opportunity to work remotely from another country on a temporary basis. Whilst increasing employee satisfaction and loyalty, there are also several issues employers need to consider. 

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9th May 2023

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BTA Briefing - 28th April 2023

In this episode Clive Wratten and Andrew Clarke discuss the recent BTA Breakfast, Big Futures Event, Leisure & Tourism Course Funding, the recent Revenue Management webinar, rail strikes and the four day week. Of course there's a brief mention about football and the great British weather gets an opinion.

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28th April 2023


Revenue Management

An insight on revenue management and how it has changed post-pandemic.  The discussion covered cover topics such as the relationship between revenue management and sales teams and how data-based decisions are made in conjunction with sales input and customer feedback.

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26th April 2023

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BTA Cares - Living with Neurodiversity in the Workplace

In the second instalment of our three-part series, we explored the experiences of neurodivergent individuals and provided practical strategies for living and working with neurodiversity.

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19th April 2023

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BTA Briefing - 14th April 2023

In this episode Clive Wratten and Andrew Clarke discuss the recent BTA Breakfast, Next Gen Board Meeting and the APPG meeting at Portcullis House. There's an update on the BTA Autumn Conference and this week's latest webinar focusing on Neurodiversity. They also speak about annual leave, out of offices and full English breakfasts!

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14th April 2023

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BTA Briefing - 31st March 2023

In this episode Clive Wratten and Andrew Clarke discuss the recent Technology Conference, the APPG at Portcullis House, DFT Meetings, Next Gen Board, Grant Thornton Data Academy, Airline Retailing, Manchester City Tax, the new BTA Training Platform, Person of Interest on Alibi and the Weather!

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31st March 2023

Sean Doyle Headshot

Sean Doyle, British Airways

The BTA were delighted to have Sean Doyle, British Airways CEO join us to talk about BA’s & the aviation sector’s recovery in 2023.

He also discussed his plans for BA in 2023, sustainability, the importance of corporate travel to BA & aviation, their approach to TMCs in 2023 and plans for airline retailing.

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27th March 2023

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BTA Briefing - 17th March 2023

In this episode Clive Wratten and Andrew Clarke discuss the BTA Spring Conference, the Autumn Conference, Neurodiversity, the BTA/CBI Report, Date Skills and Belgium Beers.

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17th March 2023

-20210428-p3989-msn10303-jetblue-HR-061 (002)

The JetBlue Effect 

Andrew Clarke is joined by JetBlue’s VP Revenue Management & Sales, Jonathan Weiner. The pair discuss JetBlue’s effect and positive disruption.

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16th March 2023


BTA Cares - Neurodiversity in the Workplace

How does this impact your business and what are some of the best practices to support your teams?

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15th March 2023

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BTA Briefing - 03 March 2023

Hear the latest news from the BTA Team.

In this episode Clive Wratten and Andrew Clarke discuss the BTA Spring Conference, the CBI Conference, Careers Fairs, the BTA Careers Brochure, Virgin Atlantic and Ken Bruce.

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3rd March 2023

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BTA Briefing - 17 February 2023

Hear the latest news from the BTA Team.

This week Clive & Andrew discuss the recent BTA air & people conferences and chat with the chair Aron Jameson (ATPI) of the newly formed Generation BTA to find out a little more about the plans for the group. 

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17th February 2023

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BTA Briefing - 03 February 2023

Hear the latest news from the BTA Team.

This week Clive & Andrew Clarke discuss generation BTA, new partners joining, up and coming events and the BTA's work with government.

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3rd February 2023

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BTA Briefing - 20 January 2023

Hear the latest news from the BTA Team.


This week Clive & Andrew talk about what the BTA have been up to and they look forwards to the up and coming events.

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20th January 2023


Fraud Awareness

How confident are you that your business is protected from fraud & cyber crime? Did you know that 52% of all crime is cyber related? Listen to our panel of experts discussing best practices to protect you, your business, your staff & customers.

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20th January 2023


Paul Broughton - Travelport

Paul Broughton, Director of Business Development EMEA at Travelport joins Clive Wratten of the BTA to discuss how Travelport is transforming the new era of modern travel retailing for TMC’s.

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10th January 2023

Steven Love

Steven Love - Amadeus

Steven Love, Commercial Director UK & Ireland at Amadeus joins Clive Wratten of the BTA to discuss what it means to be appointed to the BTA Industry Partner Board and what to expect from Amadeus as a leading technology provider in 2023 and beyond.

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14th December 2022


BTA Team Talk

A look back at 2022 and a look forwards to 2023 with the BTA team.

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21st December 2022


BTA Cares - New Year, New People

After a year of staffing challenges, what can we learn from other industry sectors in the way that they are tackling the recruitment challenges, has there been a noticeable change in the calibre of candidates on the market, what new challenges are recruiters facing in 2023 and how can we evolve to continue to attract new talent?

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5th December 2022


BTA Debates - The Business Traveller

The BTA is joined by a group of regular business travellers who spoke about why business travel is still important, how they perceive the travel eco system, what frictionless travel means to them and what is important to them in relation to the service providers?

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2nd November 2022


BTA Cares - How do we attract new talent from Colleges & Universities?

How do we attract new talent into business travel and where should our messaging be aimed?  The BTA is joined by careers advisors from colleges and universities to hear how they think the business travel industry can raise awareness for the next generation.

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30th October 2022


BTA Educates - Airport Chaos or Not?

Airports have taken a lot of stick over the summer, but was it all justified? The BTA speaks to a couple of airline airport managers and an airport to discuss what has happened, what's changed and how the future looks for those travelling from our UK airports.

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24th October 2022


BTA Cares - People Are People

Has the summer recruitment gone to plan for the industry? Where did we find people to fill the vacancies, was it skills or attitude that got positions filled and what are we still missing to promote our industry as a career option?

Our panel offer their thoughts and advice in the first in a series of three sessions. 

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10th October 2022


Travel tech: what’s next for TMCs?

In our latest BTA Podcast, our Commercial Director Andrew Clark spoke to Sarah Sheppard (Sr. Director of Global Product Management) and Robbie Thomas (Sr. Director of Strategic Planning and Product Management) at Sabre



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23rd September 2022


BTA Planet Plan Council

Earlier this week The BTA held the second Planet Plan Council meeting of 2022 with our members and partners joining the call.

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22nd September 2022


BTA Educates - Rail Ticket Reform

With big changes planned for the way the rail industry is managed and delivered within The UK, what does this mean for The TMC? In this session we were joined by Jacqueline Starr Chief Executive at Rail Delivery Group, James Parkhouse CEO at Agiito and Raj Sachdave Managing Partner at Black Box Partnerships who discussed the impacts and opportunities as well as other areas of changes being discussed within the GBR transformation.  

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15th September 2022


BTA Educates - IATA - To bond or not too bond that is the question?

As we emerge from the toughest two years the TMC sector has ever experienced the financial requirements around IATA have never been more relevant to our sector. The BTA were delighted to be joined by Chris Photi & Jake Cohen, our industry partners and experts from White Hart Associates who gave an update on the current financial expectations and bonding requirements.

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13th September 2022


BTA Planet Plan Council

Last week The BTA held our first Planet Plan Council meeting of 2022 with over 40 members and partners joining the call.

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1st August 2022

Half Year Report

BTA Half Year Review

Clive Wratten and Andrew Clarke provide a review to members and partners of the BTA's activities over the last six months. They discuss the work done behind the scenes with government and three key areas, ESG, Levelling Up and Global Britain which the BTA is currently focusing on.

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26th July 2022


Recruitment - Do we have a problem?

We are joined by four experts to discuss what is happening across the industry, the challenges recruiters are facing and how the recruitment landscape has changed.  

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19th July 2022


NDC - Buyers Perspective

The BTA is hosted this podcast to hear from the corporate travel buyers on what NDC means to them, how they think its evolution is going and is it delivering what they want. 

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17th July 2022


BTA Cares - Returning to Work

As the industry bounces back and previous employees are being asked to return to work, we ask three guests if it's an easy decision to come back to travel? What impact has that period of absence had on them and has the industry changed, and if so, does the change make travel a more attractive career choice? 

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12th July 2022

Man Airport

Manchester Airport

Andrew Clarke speaks to Manchester Airport Group Transformation Director Ian Costigan. They discuss the challenges and opportunities at Manchester Airport pre and post pandemic as well as a focus on the up and coming summer period.

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27th June 2022

Company Cluture  Wellbeing 2

Company Culture & Wellbeing

As a result of the pandemic, many organisations have been forced to become fully remote, while some embrace a hybrid working model allowing for a mix of home and office-based work. We look at how organisations are adapting to these new working models especially when it comes to the organisational culture and staff wellbeing. 

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24th June 2022


London City Airport

Andrew Clarke is joined by Anne Doyere, Head of Aviation at London City Airport. They discuss how the airport is currently operating, the benefits of using London City plus their recently published sustainability roadmap. 

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23rd May 2022