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BTA Good Business Pays - Why prompt payment of SMEs is so important

This report will assess the extremely worrying problems which are affecting SMEs as a result of late payment practices, while also demonstrating the benefits of timely
payments for both customer and client.

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BTA Manifesto 

A Roadmap to Change

This document is a business traveller’s manifesto, setting out what the sector is calling for to help ensure travelling for business is as smooth and seamless as possible and to help ensure that our member TMCs have the recognition they deserve.

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Understanding the benefits: Business travel and in-person meetings

The findings highlight that the demand for in-person collaboration is an important
economic catalyst. Equally, it reinforces the vital role that the BTA plays in helping
the UK economy grow.  

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Sustainable Aviation Fuel - A Journey Towards Innovation

Our research finds that the travel industry sees SAF as a strong solution to stifle the aviation industry’s environmental issues. 

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Carbon Offsetting - Beyond the trees

This report is not just about planting trees.
Our research explores varied methods of carbon offsetting which also offer effective alternatives to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

BTA NDC Review _Page_01

The BTA's NDC 5-year review

The BTA's review and assessment of NDC progress, from what was promised on its launch in 2012, to the reality today.

TMC Pricing Models Standards Guidelines from the BTA_Page_01

Guidance of baseline standards

The BTA's guidance document about the standards that should accompany each TMC transaction model.

Time to Change October 2020_Page_01

Time for Change - TMC pricing model

The BTA's white paper that explores three approaches to TMC pricing.

Time for change_the_RFP_process_Page_01

Time for Change - The RFP Process

A BTA white paper to help support the industry in getting the best from their Travel Management Company RFP process.

The Future of Business Travel_Page_01

The Future of Business Travel

In this paper, we have used global data
from Amadeus coupled with interviews with
eight of our board members to look at how
travel can recover in 2021.

BTA Mental Health FAQs 31.03.20_Page_01

Mental Health FAQs

Our first set of FAQs during the pandemic focused on Mental Health and was produced in partnership with the CEO of Simpila Healthy Solutions, Matt Holman.

BTA Technology FAQ Guide Final _Page_01

Cyber, IT and Technology FAQs

In this latest FAQ guide, we look at the critical importance of taking care our cyber environment.

BTA Legal FAQs 07.04.20_Page_01

Legal FAQs

Another in our FAQ series this time offering guidance on some of the pressing Legal matters across the sector.

"The BTA provides the ideal opportunity to engage with the most significant TMC’s in the UK.  Using the various events, business sessions, meeting etc. AirPlus gains direct access to the key personnel in order to allow us to further our business relationship with them.  AirPlus only works with the BTA as this association provides the networking opportunities required to ensure our financial offer is clearly positioned to both the TMCs and their clients."